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The short version....

My name is Abby Asuncion and I am a 25-year-old Filipina-American, New York City-based content creator originally from Vallejo, California. Whether it's photography, videography, film, podcasting, blogging, theater, scriptwriting, motion graphics, or poetry; you name it, I've done it. I graduated with a B.A. in Communication Studies from the University of San Francisco. I also double-minored in Media Studies and Philippine Studies. I shoot with my Sony a5000 and a Sony a7, affectionately named Noni the Sony and Devin the A7.


The long version....

Initially, photography was a mere hobby, which then turned to a side-job for events and portraits. As the demand for other mediums of art grew (filmmaking, audio production, etc.), I started to expand my horizons as an artist. As those skills and passions grew, I couldn't shake the idea that I had a bigger role than just being a photographer to boost people's social media accounts. Working with Kasamahan at USF and USFtv, I created projects to affirm different cultural experiences, provide platforms for the voices of marginalized groups to be heard, promote Kasamahan's annual Barrio Fiesta, and to educate others about different cultures in general. I began to realize that media is a platform for the difference I've always wanted to make. As much as I love being able to capture priceless memories for people, I want my art to be able to reach out to more than just the people within them. I want to represent the underrepresented. To create a deeper understanding between cultures. To create content that inspires, motivates, and reaffirms those who see them.


In the future, I hope to continue creating meaningful content with community-based work. And of course, I'm always still open to doing gigs to boost social media morale.

My work has been featured within organizations, events, festivals, and publications such as KTVU Plus's SF Loves Learning programUndiscovered SF, SOMA Pilipinas, Galing Bata, Maganda Magazine, Fly Pinays, SF Success Centers, USFtv, CAAMFest, USF's Human Rights Film Festival, FPC Film Festival, Accolade Global Film Competition, Best Shorts Competition, Rameshwaram International Film Festival, Lift-Off Global Network First-Time Filmmaker Sessions, BASH- Bay Area Short Films Festival, San Bernardino Valley College International Student Film Festival, Lift-Off Global Network Sessions, Chicago Indie Film Awards, Female Filmmakers Fuse Film Festival, Berlin Student Film Festival, Shepherd's House International Film Festival, SSU Indie Film Festival, LA Student Film Fest, Bay Area Student Shorts Film Festival, ABS-CBN, SFGate, and the Foghorn.


Although my art will always be a work in progress, hopefully the products that I get along the way execute my intentions.

Photo by Andre Canta ig: @cantagraphy

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