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up in smoke - a short story

They were addicted to the action and thrived off of the pain they caused others. At times it seemed that they had lost their humanity completely. Maybe they really did. And yet, with each other, they had never felt more normal. It was easy to reason that they were just two damaged individuals that only ever understood each other. That one day they could just wake up and live like any other couple. Go on dates together, hold hands while walking their dog down the street, maybe even the more mundane shit like doing the crossword in the morning. In between it all they would often talk about just how far they could push their fate before karma would finally bite them in the ass. What would finally throw them over the edge. How law enforcement would finally catch up with them and what their sentence would be. How they’ll have to live after looking into the eyes of the people whose loved ones they had killed. The people whose lives they've ruined. Even the tiniest misstep could lead to them having to experience the suffering they themselves have caused tenfold. It’s almost funny. The way that they were so easily capable of hurting others without it ever occurring to them that they could hurt each other, too. As the fire that he left behind slowly consumed her, she just kept her eyes wide open and laughed. She laughed at the irony of going out in a bed of flames. She laughed at herself for believing that this would end in any other way. She laughed at how poetic it all really is. As her laughter turned to coughing turned to nothing at all, all that was left of her were charred pieces of a life she dared to imagine they could have had together.

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